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Ubuntu 13.04, Xbmc, Nvidia ION on the AS Rock 330


I’ve been writing a guide like this for the last 6 versions of Ubuntu because as a cord cutter it’s how I watch my TV. The first time I set this up, it wasn’t so easy, this time other than remembering one small thing, it pretty much works..

Install Ubuntu

Installing Ubuntu isn’t a right of passage, it’s idiot proof, the design team have an installer which asks you 7 simple questions and unless you want to be doing something very strange with your disk partitioning then just choose a preselected option from the partitioning screen. If you really can’t figure it out. Stop now.head over to and buy an Apple TV 😉

Updating your system

From this point on I’m assuming you have a working Internet connected box, the title stars the hardware I am using, if yours is different, I suggest you learn a key Linux skill right now, how to use google. I can’t answer how to get your Broadcom/Ralink / Via card working any better than the thousands who already have, sorry I’m a busy guy.

Click on the Ubuntu logo on the top left of the screen, type


Open gnome terminal, the terminal is not scary, it’s simple..

Type in the following

sudo -s

Enter your login password, this makes you root, and very powerful

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade -y

This should upgrade your system, now type in

shutdown -r now

This will reboot your system, and make sure all updated files are being used.

Install Video and HDMI SoundDrivers

Now your system is up to date, we need to install the Nvidia drivers, the more astute among you may have opened up System Settings ~> Sound and seen that the HDMI sound card is there, but testing it gives abysmal sound.. That’s because the drivers don’t work.. We need to get the Nvidia drivers, so open up the terminal again..

sudo -s

apt-get install nvidia-current

We need to be a bit careful here we need to install 304.88 and NOT 313.39, when I did this on my clean install 304.88 was installed using the above. The 313.39 breaks (at time of writing) the HDMI sound to the point it doesn’t even show up in the system settings.

It is worth checking that the sound is working at this point and you can see the HDMI sound card, you may need to reboot the PC for this to work.

Install XBMC

This step is pretty simple..

Open a terminal window and Type in the following commands then hit Enter after each.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install xbmc

This is all done, and you will now have a box which can run XBMC

Useful Plugins

  • TV Catchup – UK Freeview TV
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Plex Plugin – links XMBC to your Plex server
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