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Creating a bootable USB containing XenServer 6.0 – [ToolBOX]


This is a useful tip I found this week for anyone looking for a replacement to ESXi 5



Download the XenServer 6 .ISO and have it ready on your PC
Download PendriveLinux ( from here (
Launch the Universal USB Installer
From the drop-down, scroll to the bottom and choose “Try Unlisted Linux ISO (NEW Syslinux)”
Choose the location of the XenServer ISO
Select the drive letter for your USB
(optional) I chose to format the drive
Click Create
After creation is finished, on the USB drive, navigate to the /boot/isolinux folder on the root of the USB
Rename the ‘isolinux.cfg’ file to ‘syslinux.cfg’
Rename the ‘isolinux.bin’ file to ‘syslinux.bin’
There you are one bootable USB image for XenServer 6! Enjoy!!


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