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Why in this digital age are we still worrying about this?

SIGNAL_2582601bStop the presses, because some money grabbing bureaucrat auctioned off a radio frequency, and we all need to see pictures of laughing cats. Granny might not be able to watch Cash in the Attic…


Reading an article on the UK Telegraph about the rollout of 4G specturm by all the major players later this year, and how it could cause the UK Freeview service to stop working, or playing sound in the nations capital.

Postcards are being sent to homes across the Capital this week, warning households that next generation ‘super-speed’ mobile phone services from the entire industry could be launched in a matter of weeks.

An industry funded body charged with clearing the way for the 4G launch has begun the mail-out after giving companies the green light to start their roll-outs in Greater London.

It means O2, 3 Mobile and Vodafone are all likely to dramatically increase the testing of their own networks in the coming weeks before a full launch. Experts fear it could create chaos in the living rooms as signals interfere with Freeview TV.

All three operators would be able to launch 4G services on the 800mhz frequency in London – close to the 700mhz band occupied by Freeview. Industry sources admit there are fears that in some homes, people could lose the sound from their TV, the pictures or even entire channels.

EE – the only operator to have so far launched 4G packages – uses the 1800mhz frequency, comfortably clear of the TV band.

I’m sat here wondering, how is this so? There must have been something sat on that radio spectrum previously, surely?

Ok, I’m willing to bet it wasn’t flooding out of the huge number of mobile masts which will pop up to ensure that the phone vendors can post the UK thier branded colours claiming 99% coverage. However considering just how much money the Government got from each of these Mobile phone vendors when they blind auctioned the frequencies off. You’d have thought a little due dilligence would have been put in place before any roll out?

At800, a company funded by the mobile industry and charged with making sure viewers are not affected, insists that tests in south-east London since April have so far shown there is nothing to worry about.

But Ofcom’s own estimates are that up to two million people could be hit nationwide given the number and power of the 4G base stations that will be installed. In February, the regulator warned that one per cent of UK households could be left with no broadcast television at all as 4G is rolled out across the country.

It’s good to know for all those Freeview viewers there are filters available however I have to wonder if there isn’t a lot of possible business here for the likes of Virgin and TVCatchup providing Cable or Internet TV. Which could if some entrepreneur had their wits about them be a veritable cash cow..

To the issue at hand however, and it does pose the question, should it really be the government, or a government organization which is in charge of auctioning off these things, the simple fact that a phone service could take out the TV service just shows how little consideration other than the amount of cash the treasury could obtain was at thought here. Having a few thousand “filters” really isn’t enough.. At least with the Digital TV Switchover, the little Smash reject robot was there to let me know, in this case all you’re getting is a wish you weren’t here postcard from a Government dept, which will probably cost enough money to send out to cover the school dinners of the area..




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