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Newsify with Feedly support on the iPad


With the clock ticking on the demise of Google Reader, Feedly have been very public about getting updates and their model of the new location for your news feeds out into the public. While I’m not a huge fane of the Feedly iPad app (love the webpage plugin) I do have a great deal of admiration for the effort they are putting in on becoming the new Google Reader.

I’m not a huge fan of the “stream” where you dip in and dip out of the information, I feel I’m losing out some how and for news I don’t think this is the best method for viewing the various blogs and tech sites out there.

For me the model of RSS is much like that of the Sunday news papers, where I can look back on stories from a week ago and see the long form article, I have twitter and google plus to see what’s happening right now, the headlines if you like.

While, as I said, I’m not a fan of Feedly on the iPad, it’s great to see that they have partnered with Newsify and I can import my Feedly Content directly into the Newsify interface. Which itself is a very simple design, with a simple subscriptions feed showing me a section count of my unread RSS feeds and providing a simple scroll down interface where I get to see every story in the feed, not page ranked of collated for me.

It’s is a very clean, basic, no frills approach, which works very well on the iPad, as does the downloading of images and as much of the post as is available, so I can read the articles while I’m not connected and see images and all the available text.

Worth a look if like me you feel a bit old school about your RSS feeds and are looking for a more simplified viewing experience, with a lot of power under the hood

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