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KDE 4.10: Thoughts after nearly a week..


About a week ago, I went 100% KDE on my work and home laptop, these are my initial impressions

Ooooh, you’re a KDE user was what I got this morning from one young tech guy in the office, most of the Linux users I work with are XFCE lovers. I’m partial to a bit of Unity or Gnome 3 because I’ve had my fingers burnt too many times with previous KDE releases being buggy and unstable.

A recent post I wrote about Ubuntu and OpenSuse had a fair number of comments about KDE and how it was so much better than Ubuntu’s Unity that it got me thinking is it really that much better. So I bit the bullet and after having so many issues with Unbity and my Nvidia Optimus card just installed KDE 4.10 from the PPA repo.

Nearly a week in here are the good and the bad..

the Good

I’m glad i installed from the PPA (read here on how i installed) because on the second laptop I installed Kubuntu-Desktop and its hugely noticeable just how poor that is compared with the PPA install. the kubuntu-desktop install is sluggish and does crash a lot.

KDE’s apps are much better integrated into the desktop than Gnome’s which to be fair are generally less of a suite (firefox, Evolution, seahorse etc) and more GTK Apps bundled with Gnome/Unity. The KDE Apps are all far easier integrated together. As an example trying to setup a GPG key with KDE and kMail was a lot easier than it was with Evolution without instruction.

Linking the theme system into was a stroke of genius, it makes the simple taks of changing the look and feel of your desktop much easier, although there are a fair number of files on KDE-Look which don’t seem to work..

The Plasma Widgets are well done and i’m not a fan of a cluttered desktop using them in the toolbar is great

I swear i have more screen real estate than with Gnome/Unity it might not be but it sure feels like it.. Which using dual screen at work is fantastic, so much space..

the Bad..

Dolphin needs a bit of work, simple things like mounting SMB shares isn’t intuitive, i moved over to Kommander

Can’t figure out how to get the Windows key to launch the menu..

802.1x on Wired communications using knetwork-manager is not working, if you have to disable and re-enable when swapping networks. A carry on if its not 802.1x or no cert is needed option would be great.


I’m still in that purple patch, but i must say i am impressed. I can use this and being the geek I am i will spend hours customizing everything.. I’ll report back after a month..


3 comments on “KDE 4.10: Thoughts after nearly a week..

  1. Thomas McNicholas
    July 3, 2013

    A solution I found to get the Windows key to launch the menu.

    Map the Windows Key to Activate KMenu
    Create a file called under ~/.kde/Autostart to remap keycode to F13 using the following code:
    xmodmap -e ‘keycode 133 = F13’

    Make script executable: chmod +x ~/.kde/Autostart/
    Run script: ~/.kde/Autostart/

    System Settings > Global Keyboard Shortcuts > KDE Component: Plasma Desktop Shell > Activate Application Launcher Widget > Custom (Click None) → Press the Windows Key and None should change to F13 → Click OK.

    The Windows key should now activate the KMenu.

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  3. Tom Long
    July 21, 2013

    I’d rather try it with a Distro made to run well with KDE. PCLinuxOS would come to mind …. or OpenSuse if you like.

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