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Fixing OpenSuse’s Dog Awful default fonts…


Lets not beat around the bush here, the default font rendering in OpenSuse and the default font do not an OS fit for reading make.. this can be fixed however..

Love or hate Ubuntu, out of the box it has one of the best font rendering setups of any distro and considering how much time we spend on our PC’s setting your fonts up correctly is one less headach, literally.

I’m not sure how much of these instructions I got right, however after a reboot the screen text does at least look better..


  1. Add the official namtrac:subpixel Infinality repository for openSUSE 12.3. This is the one maintained by the actual Infinality developer(s).
  2. Switch system packages to the versions in the namtrac:subpixel repository, and mark for installation any other packages in namtrac:subpixel that aren’t yet installed.
  3. From the main openSUSE official repository, install the fontconfig-infinality
  4. Make sure your desktop environment’s font configuration for subpixel hinting is set to “Use system settings” or something similar. Only if that option does not exist, set it to RGB order with slight hinting.
  5. (Optional) Set all desktop fonts to “DejaVu Sans, Book”, my personal preference.
  6. Log out and log back in to your desktop.

So that didn’t make much sense as a new OpenSuse user, its taking a bit of knowledge assumption, so I did this.

  • Added the following repository to yast as a http repository called subpixal
  • From a Root command prompt, I issued the following commands to find the new repo I added and then use the new repo as the source repo (this is the bit i’m not sure I did right)

zypper repos

showed me the repo listed as

23 | subpixal                           | subpixal                                | Yes     | Yes

then i typed

zypper dup -r subpixal

which updated, downgraded and generally made changes

Finally I installed fontconfig-infinality

zypper in fontconfig-infinality

  • The last thing to do is set the KDE Fonts and rendering

Open System Settings -> Application Appearance -> Fonts

The click on Configure next to Use Anti Aliasing

  • Tick next to Use Sub Pixal Rendering
  • Choose RGB
  • Set Hinting Style to Slight
  • Click on OK

Then still under fonts change the default font for everything except Fixed Width to DejaVu Sans and set the font style to Book, leave the font size



I’ve not got my head fully around yast and zypper for package management yet, however after a reboot the fonts are readable, clearer and not dog awful so something worked.


4 comments on “Fixing OpenSuse’s Dog Awful default fonts…

  1. misbcl
    July 9, 2013

    Font rendering used in namtrac repo is freetype-infinality. If you want the same font rendering used by Ubuntu, you should use muzlocker repo instead.

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