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More Bandwidth doesn’t mean greater speed it means greater capacity..


I recently upgraded my home broadband from DSL broadband where i was getting about 5 Mbps to a Fiber line where i’m getting something closer to 65Mbse download speed. For me however the driving force wasn’t download but Upload as I backup photos and data to different cloud networks.

The common perception when you move to Fiber is you are getting as faster connection, and yes, in the most part that is a correct assumption, however when it comes to Bandwidth it’s the word width which makes more difference here.

You see while you are getting a faster connection to the internet, what is realistically happening is you are able to do more things on the Internet at the same time.

On a normal DSL Line in a house, if there are 3 computers all doing something at the same time the internet seems “slow” this is because you are trying to funnel multiple amounts of traffic, maybe BBC iplayer, a download and an online game down a thin pipe, there isn’t much cpacity for data to all get to and from the internet at the same time. Its like pouring water into a funnel, while most of it will get through the funnel, there will be some spillage and there will be time taken for all the water to get through the funnel..

Fiber Broadband is a bit like making that funnel a lot larger at the thin end, more water gets through faster, and in the same way you feel you have a faster internet connection because your services don’t feel so juddery or slow.

The server you are speaking to at the other end is still running the same speed, nothing has changed there, its just you are able to get more data to the server from multiple endpoints..

It’s a tricky concept to get your head around because things do seem faster, however in reality thats just because you are getting larger amounts of data to and from the internet..


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