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The state of Android on Tablets isn’t great..

With Android being the goto Phone OS for a huge number of people, its interesting that Google have taken a liking to the phablet form factor of 7″ Phone/Tablets, Interesting … Continue reading

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I installed Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 7 today

Having got my Nokia Lumia 920 back from Nokia in what appears to be a working state I thought it might be a good idea to have a look at … Continue reading

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Head to head the best of class, the Lumia 920 and the Nexus 4

Two phones which are currently the best of breed for each respective operating system and I’ve had the privilege to use recently for a long period. It’s difficult to separate … Continue reading

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Back on an Android while my Lumia 920 is being repaired

So I find myself using an Android phone while my Nokia is back at Nokia for repair, and it’s a very strange feeling I’m having.

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If Tablets are selling so well, why are few of the big players taking them seriously?

This week a leading industry analyst firm IDC predicted that by the end of this year tablet computers would be outselling laptops and by 2015 be outselling PCs of any … Continue reading

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How to set-up Google+ as a drop in replacement for Google Reader in Flipboard..

I wrote a post last week explaining why I think Flipboard was better than Feedly part of the reason was I was able to set-up Google+ as a drop in … Continue reading

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Four popular news readers

In a post Google Reader world, for better or worse the Google Reader API will be no more and alternatives are being sought which can provide us with those never … Continue reading

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