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Windows RT: Forget what the tech press has told you, they are WRONG!!

Windows RT: Forget what the tech press has told you, they are WRONG!! DO a search to investigate Windows RT 8 and you’d be presented with a common opinion amongst … Continue reading

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After a brief service outage earlier this week which 40% of the worlds Bandwidth was suddenly not being used, I got to wondering what would the IT world be like … Continue reading

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The state of Android on Tablets isn’t great..

With Android being the goto Phone OS for a huge number of people, its interesting that Google have taken a liking to the phablet form factor of 7″ Phone/Tablets, Interesting … Continue reading

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in the world of opensource network management there is no king..

While many people favour +Nagios as being the king of Opensource network Managers, or +Icinga the fork, there are also many otherpretenders to the crowm, all of which I’m afraid to say are overcomplex … Continue reading

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The connected living room is still an open playing field

With the announcement of Chromecast the question needs to be asked, is anyone really getting the concept of the connected living room?

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The Internet is not for regulation by governments, it’s bigger than that..

It’s about time the UK prime minister learnt how to use the Internet to get accurate facts, and solving the root causes and not generating sound bites for the UK … Continue reading

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Is this where the future lies?

Canonical asked a question today.. The community is answering..

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