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The state of Android on Tablets isn’t great..

With Android being the goto Phone OS for a huge number of people, its interesting that Google have taken a liking to the phablet form factor of 7″ Phone/Tablets, Interesting … Continue reading

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Is this where the future lies?

Canonical asked a question today.. The community is answering..

July 22, 2013 · 3 Comments

Surface Pro Owner? Here’s How to Install Ubuntu

Own Microsoft Surface Pro tablet? If you do and you want to make it insanely cooler you could install Ubuntu on it. The Surface Pro, with an Intel i5 CPU, … Continue reading

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If Tablets are selling so well, why are few of the big players taking them seriously?

This week a leading industry analyst firm IDC predicted that by the end of this year tablet computers would be outselling laptops and by 2015 be outselling PCs of any … Continue reading

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The industry is heading for disruption again..

Back in April 2010 Apple released the iPad onto the world, the idea of a tablet wasn’t new Microsoft had been peddling touch screen tablets for 10 years in one … Continue reading

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If your going to disrupt the Status Quo, you’ve got to think different..

Mark Shuttleworth has the potential of being this Generations Steve Jobs and he is planning on doing to Ubuntu what Jobs did for Apple. He seems to be taking that … Continue reading

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How to set-up Google+ as a drop in replacement for Google Reader in Flipboard..

I wrote a post last week explaining why I think Flipboard was better than Feedly part of the reason was I was able to set-up Google+ as a drop in … Continue reading

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